Bored of Lorem Ipsum?

Use this instead.

There’s all this Spanish text in this document. Can you change it to English so we can see what it says? Also what is lorem ipsum? I can’t read it. The designer doesn’t know how to write copy so they are using dummy text to make it look like a finished document and all professional. Oh I forgot to add a paragraph into all this body of text. 

Well here it is, some text to help break up all the text above so it looks like someone has actually written this text. We need to make sure this text is changed before it gets signed off otherwise this ridiculous text will make it into the final version and the rest of the company will see this stupid text was only used as a place holder. 

It’s funny how some of this text doesn’t have any real sentences or paragraphs which behave like how real paragraphs work. I often find this dummy text is a pain when you use spell check and it comes up with over 300 errors because none of the words are actually real. I have gone through and spell checked the text so if there are real words in this body of text. The only misspelt words you’ll find in this body of text is lorem ipsum or colour may appear to be spelt wrong if you are writing as an American or used to typing in code, but who uses spell check when writing code? I don’t actually know the answer to this as this is only a body of dummy text. 

I think this dummy text may become a problem when you get to this paragraph as I am starting to run out of things to say regarding a body of text, so you may have to go back to the beginning of this block of text then start all over again, I’m going to divert this conversion a little longer and do a little plug here as it may help seo on my website if I include my business name in the text… Can I end a sentence with an ellipsis?

You weren’t expecting this cheeky sentence thrown in the mix to show it’s not all big chunky paragraphs but small ones too. 

Let’s say you do repeat this block of text. I hope no one has actually made it this far and decided to read all of my text. If you did read it all and you are here then I’m pleased to let you know this was written by a real person who works under the name the Brandean Dept. I’m going to end this text now, then it will allow you to loop back on yourself to talk about how dummy text is written in a foreign language.