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Insta (show)reel

Over the past year, I have been transitioning towards a hybrid workflow that combines both photography and videography.

Typically, I would focus on providing clips to promoters and avoid delving into video editing.

However, I wanted to take things up a notch and create a captivating highlight reel. As a result, I put together an aftermovie using footage captured at the AVA Festival.

A little info on AVA Festival.

“Over the past nine years, AVA (Audio Visual Arts) has grown to become a revered, and much-loved annual gathering for music lovers in Ireland and beyond, consistently delivering the highest quality in the programming, production and an unmatchable energy. Last weekend, AVA proved why it’s earned the reputation that it has, bringing together over 10,000 people to the city’s iconic Titanic Slipways site featuring world-class artists and local legends who are a core part of Northern Ireland’s creative movement.”

It was a great opportunity and I look forward to celebrate the 10th anniversary next year!